Oren is the founder and CEO of Hibernating Rhinos, with experience spanning over 15 years in development. He is a frequent blogger at http://ayende.com/blog/ under the pseudonym Ayende Rahien, where he focuses on the Microsoft .NET ecosystem, which earned him recognition and awards as Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional since 2007.

Oren is an internationally acclaimed presenter and you can catch him speaking at DevTech, JAOO, QCon, Oredev, NDC, Yow! and Progressive.NET conferences.

Oren shares his extensive knowledge when speaking at conferences and through his written works, such as "DSLs in Boo: Domain Specific Languages in .NET", published by Manning (http://manning.com/rahien/) and recently through his book: "Inside RavenDB".

Professionally, Oren remains dedicated and focused on architecture and best practices that promote quality software and zero-friction development. In his personal life, Oren is an avid reader who is now completely captivated by his personal “novel”, namely his daughter who was born in the Spring of 2015.

Presentations by Oren Eini :

  • DevconTLV X Conference, Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 11:30

    In this session, we'll talk about a recent performance iteration in RavenDB, discuss the things that were found and how we fixed them. Expect a discussion on low-level branch predictions and memory layout, figuring out the best algorithm for the job and in general making this much faster.

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