Ben Lovell
Michal  Papis


It has been more than a year since version 1.0 of a container orchestration engine called Kubernetes was released.

What happened during this time? What are our experiences with writing such a huge system in Go?... Read More
Marcin Wielgus


You've figured out that in order for your product to be outstanding, you need to be able to deliver frequently to production.
That's great, but how can you achieve such a goal for highly complex... Read More
Gil Hoffer


How we are developing and shipping Sentry both as an Open Source project and a SaaS solution. A look at our development methodology, technology stack and lessons learned from turning an Open Source project into a... Read More
Armin Ronacher


Coffee Break


What if we could simulate life? What if we could watch the evolution of a million processes at once, with the strong surviving and passing on their traits?
It all starts with a population seed. Each organism... Read More
Johnny Winn


In this session, we'll talk about a recent performance iteration in RavenDB, discuss the things that were found and how we fixed them. Expect a discussion on low-level branch predictions and memory layout, figuring... Read More
Oren Eini


How to read flame graphs to find the hot spots where your Software performance is low and optimize them.
Miha Rekar


This talk describes the principles, approaches, and techniques I collected over the years of writing software. This is by no means a complete list of “how-tos”, nor do I believe such a list can exist. These are the... Read More




Hall Two


If you understand the Git way of thinking, you can truly
profit from it instead of fighting against it. And yet, most Git
trainings will teach you the commands, not the underlying model. Focus
on the model, and... Read More
Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta


Hall Five


Ever wondered how geospatial data works? Why don’t you come along and learn it via an interactive workshop where you’ll be presented to a fully functioning geospatial application that uses metadata from images to... Read More
Tamas  Piros


Hall Four


If you’re interested in programming languages, a “polyglot”, here’s the workshop for you.

We’ll build a chat app, the real-time web’s 15 minute blog, in 4 programming languages: Ruby, Golang, Elixir and... Read More
Aaron Cruz


Hall One


Scylla is a new implementation of Apache Cassandra which is wire compatible and 10X faster. Scylla uses any trick in the book to achieve superior performance, from it's own caching, own malloc, log structured... Read More
Avi Kivity


 Building a successful Big data analytic software platform in-house. How it can be done, the pros and cons. Learn how we've incorporated Big-Data, Machine Learning, elascticsearch, and more in a single... Read More
Eran  Zinman


In this session we will cover the benefit of using Docker images as the vehicle to drive continuous integration and delivery pipeline. How is can accelerate iterations, parallelize integration testing and improve... Read More
Raziel Tabib
Oleg Verhovsky


Coffee Break


Hall 1


The last few decades have brought about a dramatic transformation in both hardware and software development. Changes to one drive changes to the other, all with the aim of moving away from monolithic applications... Read More
Steven Pousty


Artificial Intelligence without data, is ... exactly as it sounds - Artificial Intelligence without data. 

Nevertheless - bot developers, conversation automation tools and AI modelers nowadays, are mostly... Read More
Haggai Shachar


At eXelate we need to present to our clients the number of unique users who meet a given criteria. The condition is typically a set-theoretic expression over a stream of events for a given time range. Historically,... Read More
Yakir  Buskila


You want to start exploring microservices. You heard that it’s so wonderful! That there’s always a before microservices, and an after microservices. That things are never the same afterwards. And yet you are afraid.... Read More
Gil Tayar


Hall 2


A lot has been said about how TDD (Test-Driven Development) is great for building up a developer’s confidence when changing code. However, TDD has its blind spots. By definition, you can't test what you didn’t... Read More
Amit Anafy


Modern software delivery landscape is not easy to navigate. So many great OSS projects, plenty of buzz around new and exciting online services. The amount of choices and combinations is overwhelming to say the... Read More


Microservices development environment become more and more popular in cloud based companies in order to support better CI / CD methodologies. 

We would like to show LivePerson case studies of how do we manage... Read More
Nir  Koren
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